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You will feel GUILT for not giving your child an opportunity to Learn LIFE SKILLS .

life skills

often I have seen few people feeling not so good and also trying to instill guilt in those parents who want to send to residential camps.

You are unable to take care of your child hence you send them to camps and home is the camp etc..

Is there any reason for being Guilty let us check the facts.

Yes I do agree ,the way back in our ancestor time when the children had their own grandpa’s house, grand ma house in villages , even I can see many children are fortunate to have them in villages and visit .

But the scenario has been changed now the children are more than millennium children and they can do far better than children of 80s,90’s and early 2000s.

The growing trends of Internets, social media, Technology, Increasing syllabus , more expectation from them, giving more than what they require, the children mental health demanding much more than required

How often you see them going out side and playing, even if they wish their school assignment would not , even if parents send they would not , reason increasing screen time TV, Video game, Mobile game.

We are seeing a trend where children are being taught on most critical skills on mobile games. But virtually. When every thing is programmed and safe ,children can exhibit those skills but real time is not like that Right ?. The outside world is million time more stressed , hurdled, Challenged than the virtual world, what are they being prepared with these Virtual world ?

Social skills are very important, there cannot be a day for the child in future not interacting with others than his parents and near ones. Schools are the best social skill development places but with a limited times , having less time to interact , as most of their times have been grabbed by Classes ,Lessons, Exams, Test etc.

Yes again there are virtual Social medias like Instagram and Facebook but how sure you are that they are not vulnerable to child molesters ?

Again it is a virtual media and that does not help them to learn real interactions.

Yes there are many comments on working mom and dad that they cannot take care of their child and hence they send them to the camp,

Let us see even if the child is at home and Mother / Father also at home, is it really possible to give actual LIFE SKILLS, leaving all house hold works forever, Mom / Dad may end up with spending max of 4 to 5 hours and child may go back to its own zone

Yes there are exceptional cases where parents dedicate their complete day but they are countable only fingers .

When I said about comfort zone, I feel it is much more important to observe this point, A comfort zone is some thing where we feel we are worry free, risk free, comfort at our finger tips. The children are adjusted to this comfort zone so much that at one certain point they don’t even know what is the meaning of struggle.

Struggle is the fittest is the theory but well fits in practical life y. even If we push away Darvins , at-least our ancestors have told the same thing.

By giving them the comfort zone we are making the children away from Real time struggling experiences. . Easy access , instant supply of their demands may make them inflexible to even slightest changes.

The Life-skills are the need of the hour and it is our duty to provide those skills to them, Guilt must be felt when you stop your child getting those skills.

In one of my interview in a channel the anchor asked me why Life skills when so many are leaving without this ?

My answer was yes, but at what cost ?, Losing at major steps, Disappointment, Feeling guilt of improper decision, Losing close one by not understanding them, by losing opportunities because of negligence or procrastination and we have learnt them.Do we need similar situation to our children ?

I Decided” No and never , I never let my child to do those mistakes which I committed due to ignorance and not knowing those skills how to handle the struggles , also like others who are still struggling, either due to mental pressure or due to financial or family issues which they are unable to manage. and hence trained my child on LIFE SKILLS and felt this is possible only through a residential CAMP.

Parents never feel guilt of sending your child to a summer camp , instead be proud that you are sending them to explore the outside world, and be happy that you are one among those few parents who feel life skills are as precious to your child as your child to you.





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