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Summer Camp 2019

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Why Summer Camps?

It’s every parent’s concern: What’s the best way for your child to spend his or her free time during summer and school breaks? To some, it’s a time for children to play and have fun. For others, it’s an opportunity for kids to hone their studies or learn new skills — or even subjects, from arts to architecture.

There’s a single Place that helps kids go outside have fun, experts say, while teaching them lifelong skills And life skills . It’s called Summer camp.

What do the summer holidays mean for most teenagers of student age?  Sitting in front of

TV, internet, and playing, sometimes studies even during holidays. Wouldn’t it be even better to take advantage of this period of free time to learn a new sport, Life skills, grow Spiritually, Enjoy adventures  make friends from different region and countries learn Many skills? These are just some of the reasons why millions of parents decide to send their children to summer camps – Thriving environments that turn the boring summer months into an enriching experience.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

Building friendships and social skills

camp helps children on meeting new people –to build social skills, explore their independence and improve their self-esteem, “Teamwork, co-operation and negotiation are inherent to the camp experience,” “Kids’ confidence levels and their ability to be in social situations increase.”

At Summer camp, children boost their self-esteem and develop risk-taking and conflict-resolution skills as they learn to make their own decisions without their parents’ help.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

Developing resiliency and confidence

Summer Camp does a really good job of teaching kids it’s Normal  to fail and helps them recognize their limitations and see these are things that are not permanent  and can be leveraged  upon.

By allowing children to take risks and face challenges, Summer camp helps children build their independence, resiliency and self-esteem in a safe, supervised and supportive environment.

These invaluable life skills often translate into improvements at home and at school

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

Becoming and staying physical

Children who immersed in the age of video games and facebook smartphones  hardly have the time to do physical activities Eighty percent of overweigh 10-14 year old adolescents are at risk of becoming overweight adults compared to 25% of overweight preschool children (< 5 years old) and 50% of 6-9 year old overweight children (15). Obesity in childhood and adolescence has been related to an increase in mortality in adulthood on follow up. Hoffman et al observed almost twice the risk of death in adolescents (> 18 year olds) with BMI > 25 kg/m2(compared to subjects with BMI <25kg/m2) during 20 year follow up (16).) A recent Statistics Canada study found that only seven per cent of youth aged six to 19 got the recommended hour a day of exercise they need. While in summer camp, where physical activity is well disguised in the form of fun and games, allowing youth and children to adopt a healthy lifestyle, often without even realizing it. Overcoming nature deficit disorder

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

At summer  camp, kids are given the opportunity to see what they’re missing, and form lifelong bonds and connections with the natural world they may have never experienced before.

Children need nature for the healthy development of their senses, and therefore, for learning and creativity.

All the more reason to digitally disconnect (even for a day) — and connect to outdoor adventures that exist outside of computer screens.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

Learning the values of leadership and team playing

As camper,every  youth get a chance to truly lead in a non-judgmental environment. “It allows a young person the opportunity to be creative and to test their particular approach to teaching and being a leader.”  According to the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, most campers demonstrated an increase in emotional intelligence and self-confidence, both characteristics attributed to good leaders.  “Kids don’t go to camp wanting to be better leaders or more self-aware—they go because it’s fun and the positive outcomes happen as a result,”

Continue to learn even in the summer

Learning is more than textbooks and tests. Fun meets education in the classrooms of camp.  Camp is the kind of place where children can learn canoeing, archery, life skills such as teamwork, and apply the lessons they learned during the school year in many enjoyable activities. Teach kids scientific and math skills.

Time for “active play”

Children get time to play a lot while leaning is a part of it.  Learn To Share and Be More Tolerant To Others

Attending a residential summer camp like Anuhya summer camp extends one’s perception to different culture, religion, regions and develops a broad mentality. While sharing and caring attitude develops naturally, children become more human being subconsciously.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018
Improved Communication Skills

Important benefit of attending a summer camp  is  it provides an opportunity to boos  both social and communicative skills, both of which are usually lacking at an early age but that can easily be fixed spending the summer holidays at a sports or adventure or life skills summer camp, whilst at the same time making friends for life, allowing them to be more open and communicative.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018
Learn New Skills

Not all summer camps have the goal of training adventure activities or providing Science programs, Some of them, such as Anuhya summer camp, combine these activities with LIFESKILLS – A Must skill of growing international importance, which already has been termed as high impacting skill by WHO. It’s safe to say, another important reason why summer camps are important.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018

They Learn to be Independent

Traveling and trekking at the tender age of 13?impossible ?no  Not at all! Anuhya  Summer camp provide the benefits of freedom and autonomy in a safe and expertly controller environment; In fact, although students may feel safer at home, they won’t be able to experience the same sense of freedom and liberty as they would elsewhere. This autonomy helps them mature and be consistent with their actions, requiring them to acquire responsibilities that were previously unknown.

Learn and see traditional activities

Children learn the Art of Gardening, Pottery making , a Nature walk, Meditation, and Ancient mantra , They also learn Bhagavad geetha using  skits participating them selves as a characters they understand the concept unknowingly.

Anuhya Summer Camp 2018


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