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What is the right age to learn LIFE SKills

What is the right Age to teach Life sills ?

Life skills have no age barrier as a seed can be grown in a tree but a TREE cannot be bent it is important to lay a proper foundation at tender age the Ideal age would  be 8 years.

Let us show them a new LIFE by teaching LIFE SKILLS

But the question is how do we teach them, in many schools it is being taught but as It is said they are just Taught , not being acquired by the children.

The best Way according to WHO to teach LIFE skill is by activities and Games, Which is nothing but Experiential learning.

When we adopt experiential learning in our Training methodology we can make children easily be able to handle the LIFE skills.

At Anuhya Summer camp we develop LIFE SKILLS exactly using experiential learning, the Games and activities we conduct are based on LIFE SKILLS at the core.

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