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Self Awareness

What is Self-Awareness

What is Self-Awareness?

It is the skill that says how accurately an individual can judge his/her own performance and behavior and also it mentions how does he respond to various situations including social, moral, personal, professional areas.

What it does

Self-Awareness supports a person in matching their feelings/emotions according to situation, and also to the behaviours and feelings of others.

For example,

You start speaking louder using your mobile, but soon you understand you are too loud to speak in a theatre and reduce your volume or go out of the situation if you are self aware or otherwise you continue till others say that to you.

You are struck in traffic and you start blaming the car in front of you for not moving ahead and you keep horning even knowing there is a red signal and you have to wait. If you are a self aware individual you wait till red gets OFF.

Why self-awareness is important

When we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are able to experience ourselves as unique and separate individuals. We are then motivated to make positive shifts and to build on our areas of strength as well as identify areas where we would like to make improvements

How to develop Self awareness

Think about describing yourself to another person without mentioning anything about the external things that are in your life, your friends, family, studying etc. Concentrate only on yourself, how you feel and behave, perhaps recognizing some of your strengths and weaknesses.

you may find the Johari Window quite useful as you discover who you are.

 Known Self

Things we know about ourselves and others know about us.

 Hidden Self

Things we know about ourselves that others do not know.

 Blind Self

Things others know about us that we do not know.


 Unknown Self

Things neither we nor others know about us.

What are the Advantage or benefits of Self awareness

Your self-understanding gradually grows better.
You will be proactive rather than reactive. 
You start not to take things personally.
You think of mistakes as steps to the growth.
You know why you do the things you do.You have better relationships.
You pursue your goals and dreams.You stop worrying about past hurtsKnowing  your strengths and weaknesses.
You develop intuitive decision-making skills.

Why self-awareness is important to Children

Self-Awareness is vital both to a child’s academic success as well as their social and emotional growth. This thinking skill facilitates a child’s ability to accurately judge their own performance and behaviour, as well as their ability to appropriately respond to different social situations.

Advantage of Self-awareness to children

Self-awareness is important for kids with learning and attention issues. Your child might be aware of his challenges, but being aware of his interests and strengths is important, too. … Helping your child gain self-awareness can start in small ways

Recognizes his strengths and weaknesses

Can identify what he needs to do to complete a task
Recognizes errors in schoolwork and makes edits or changes
Can understand and talk about his feelings
Recognizes other people’s needs and feelings
Sees how his behaviour affects others

What age does a child become self-aware?

At around 18 months old and later, children begin to develop reflective self-awareness, which is the next stage of bodily awareness and involves children recognizing themselves in reflections, mirrors, and pictures.

How to help children, Teens and Tweens to increase Self-Awareness

Encourage your child to speak openly about his issues.
Point out the positives. And (support them to weakness)
Train them on a balanced perspective.
Discourage comparisons.
Provide opportunities for independence.
Be The Role Model: To develop self-awareness for children, you have first to be aware of it yourself.
Accept and Recognize Your Child’s Emotions: …
Empathize With Your Child: …
Let Your Child Communicate Freely: …
Pay Attention, Be A Listener And Teach Effective Problem Solving:

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