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Importance and Benefits

Importance of Life Skill Education

Life skills help youths to transit successfully from childhood to adulthood by healthy development of social and emotional skills.

It helps in the development of social competence and problem solving skills, which in turn help youths to form their own identity.

It helps to weigh pros and cons of the situation, hence, act as a mediator to problem behaviour.

It promotes positive social, norms that an impact the adolescent health services, schools and family.

It helps adolescents to differentiate between hearing and listening and thus, ensuring less development misconceptions or miscommunications regarding issues such as drugs, alcoholism etc.

It promotes the development of positive self-esteem and teaches anger control.

Benefits for the individual

In everyday life, the development of life skills helps students to: 

  1. Find new ways of thinking and problem solving
  2. Recognize the impact of their actions and teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others.
  3. Build confidence both in spoken skills and for group collaboration and cooperation
  4. Analyze options, make decisions and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom,
    Develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others

This ignoring the value of Life skills could affect Children’s future .

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