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How to set a clear boundary to children for a positive act

  1. Be trustworthy: keep your words, model what you say,
  2. Less is more: give them less task one by one, not all at a time
  3. Be precise: Communicate Effectively. Once said Ask them to repeat to you what they heard to verify it’s understood and to ensure all are on the same chapter
  4. Involve the kids in boundary setting: Ask your child to set the boundary for him. When children share ownership of the rules, they’re more invested.
  5. Prepare up a contract: Once you boundaries are set, write up a document and ask your child to sign.
  6. Post the rules: Attach the rules and set boundaries so that your child can see it everywhere and never forgets or has an excuse to say I forgot.
  7. Recognize appropriate behavior: Recognize your child’s behavior , Appreciate it as many times as possible. It will help the child to associate appreciation for positive thing done by him or her
  8. Employ “natural consequences” when possible, if he has not followed a rule follow the natural consequences set already







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