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How To Avoid Emotional Arguments and Explosion

How to Avoid emotional Arguments & Explosion

Avoid emotional Arguments & Explosion.  ( People seem to have less tolerance and patience today which creates unnecessary, misunderstanding and results to emotional arguments and outburst. To avoid emotional damage and improve communication between two individuals, it is vital to learn how to handle the heat of every argument, very often by simply taking a step back to remove the defensive-self and coming from a place of compassion. )

Speak softly and gently towards a solution

During an argument, it is important not to speak with a loud, aggressive or sarcastic tone. instead, speak with a calm voice with the intention of finding a solution to work things out. A loud voice tends to worsen the situation. When one starts to be even louder. In the end, nobody wins and may turn into a screaming contest which damages the relationship and communication further. Hence learn to handle your tone and manner with gentleness. Always reflect if your approach will be part of the problem or part of the solution.

8. How To Avoid Emotional Arguments and Explosion
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