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How much do your know about your child

do your know about your child

(It is a fun to play . Play with your child, Both the parents can answer this )

1.      Your child gets angry usually about

2.      Your child’s best friend?

3.      Your child’s favorite

        a.      Color?

        b.      Animal?

        c.      TV show?

        d.     Food?

        e.     Places

        f.      Book?

        g.     Radio station?

        h.     Nickname?

        i.      Subject

        j.      Place for vacation 

        k.     Clothes

        l.      Number

        m.    Game

        n.     Movie

        o.     Sports

        p.     Joke/riddle

        q.     Teacher

4.     Your child’s biggest fear?

5.      Your child’s biggest struggle/Challenge  at school?

6.      Least favorite  Subjects

7.      Your child likes to change about his/her appearance?

8.      Your child’s biggest complaint about the family?

9.    Does your child want to be like you? Or Different?

10.   If you could buy your child anything in the world, their first choice?

11.    Your child’s proudest accomplishment?

12.    The biggest disappointment in your child’s life?

13.    Does your child feel too small or too big for his/her age?

14.    Something that makes your child feel sad?

15.    Something your child doesn’t believe they can do?  

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