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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Q.1: We are sending our kid for the first time for residential camp we are very scared about my kid?



We are conducting this programmer successfully since 5 years and we have a team of experienced trainers and take who are ready for the care and service of your kid. They will be caring and following your child round the clock.


How many employees participating in this Camp and what About the Teachers and Coaching Team?


We have a team of  5 for every 25 campers(may increase according to the need of students) well experienced Team members working for the well being of the Campers. Our teachers and trainers are experts in their respective fields. We will be having one in charge for a group of 5-7  students,



Is it mandatory that children participate in each and every activity or can we choose some activities?



This is a program designed for all kids for developing good skills of team work, cooperation, positive attitude, relaxing and at the same time developing specific inborn talents. Individual choosing of the activities will affect the discipline of the scheduled program and also it will not develop team spirit among the children. So it is mandatory that every child should participate in each and every activity.(kids with a specific body condition may be considered for relaxation)

My kid is very sensitive and I think he will not be able to stay for more duration. If he wants to come back what we will do?


This is the right platform for changing the attitude of such kids, because here we are working according to a planned schedule which will never let your child feel lonely. Our  Team Leads  and their other  camp mates will be always following and caring them so that by the end of these 10 days  they will be able to adjust with any such teamwork program. At the same time as parents you should also give them a positive approach. Every now and then calling and disturbing them with your anxiety will disturb their involvement in the activities and thereby affect the mental involvement of the kid. We want their mental & spiritual presence also for training them in our way.

Sometimes children will fight each other, how will you handle that?


As we discussed earlier, our employees will be closely observing your kids and stay for full day with them. They are experienced to find out at what part of the schedule there are chances of such situations and when they can give special attention to such kids and avoid fighting. Also we will find out children having such mentality and give them special care and change their attitude through a psychological approach.

How about injuries. Did summer camp participants get injured earlier?



We have a good team of expert trainers/coaches but despite of that some situations can/May happen in any such camps. But we take all necessary immediate medical supervisory that is required for the situation


Can we get some references of parents of kids who have attended the camp in previous years for feedback?


Due to privacy issue, the organization has taken a decision to keep the personal data of the participants secretly. Whatever information you need about the camp is available in the website and if you need further clarification, feel free to contact our customer relation executives.



For swimming, if the child does not know swimming, will the instructor teach?



We have good and expert trainers in swimming in our team they are capable of teaching pupils who don’t know swimming. And the pool we are using is having depth varying from 2 feet to 5 feet. And students who know swimming will only be allowed in deeper places. For others we give training in shallow places.

If I join my kids in summer camp if they didn’t participate and they want to come back home, will your Organization return the Payment?



First of all we request you to take off these types of negative thoughts from your mind and don’t give such inputs to your kid. Our organization is conducting this camp with a intension of making the youth aware of the natural systems and learn healthy habits which were followed in our country since vedic period. And we have only limited admissions, so if you book and discontinue you are spoiling the opportunity of another child. Booking, preparations including staffs will be arranged accordingly. So we will not refund the payments.

Is individual attention taken on each and every student till the end of the camp?


There will be an In-charge for a group of 15 students who will be always observing them and reporting their behavioural study to the organizers. The management will observe the behaviour of all students with hawk eye and appropriate moral support is given to the needy.


My child Food habits are bad and not eating anything at home. We are forcefully giving food for him while going to school. He brings back lunch box to home and i am afraid he will not eat at the camp. Who will take care of him? Please give me clarification.



Our employees are experienced in such situation and they can handle such kids. What you have to do is to mention this thing while submitting the application form so that we can make group of such kids and give them special care. Once they get accomplished with the activities and schedule they will eat themselves in future.

We are residents of other state and my children cannot take Andhra food. Can u arrange any different food for my kids? Please give feedback.


The food we are providing will be tasty & healthy and which most of the participants are used to it… At the same time we have north Indian and south Indian cooks who can cook food accordingly. If any difficulty is there we can make modifications in the menu according to their choice (only pure vegetarian).



My daughter is aged 15 years. Is she safe at your camp and how do you handle this age group.


We have separate accommodation for boys and girls with good safety and security. Female care takers will be available with them every time. Also she can approach female warden for any personal needs. The Rest Rooms in the AC Dormitories and Cottages are ultra clean, Hygienic, well maintained by In house cleaning staffs and under supervision of our In-charge to look after the cleanliness of the total camp premises. Also you can go through the website and check the video of the venue of camp.

Many trainers / coaches are unfriendly and using rough language etc. All participants may not co-operate with coaches. There are chances of the above said thing to happen so what is the situation in your camp?


We have given instruction to our team regarding this and they are trained in such a way that they can handle such situations smoothly and effectively as they are professional and highly experienced. Moreover we do not entertain or allow any such misbehavior from the staff member. The management staff will be coordinating and controlling all the other departments and if any such behavior is noticed we will replace that staff member. Students also can complain to the management in case of any such issues.

Can we visit camp before signing up?

Yes, you can visit Jain Resorts or you can also Visit us at our address

Where is Summer camp be held ?

We are conducting this Camp at Greenlush, serene, Amidst nature, Camp, Jain Resort

How do I contact camp in the summer?

You can reach us by phone 24/7 during summer camp at ——or by email at


How do I stay in touch with my child while they are at camp?

  • Campers can be contacted through phone 
  • Can I send a food package?
  • Please avoid oily food, or foods that can cause allergy 

Can I see photos of my child while they are at camp?

All Our camp photos are updated on daily base or at least twice in a day depending on data availability on our Facebook page. 

Can I visit my child while they are at camp?

Parents are welcome to visit and tour on opening and closing days of each session or trip. Parents can visit if their child is staying for more than one session during holdover, however we ask that you notify our office and make arrangements prior to the day you are visiting.

What is security like at camp?

Security is extremely important at camp. Our staff are in constant contact with one another and campers are under cc camera surveillance, and a care taker for every 10 campers is arranged

What is the staff-to-camper ratio?  How old are the staff members?

Our camper to staff ratio is 1:5 for our younger campers All of our counselors must be over 18 years of age and those working with our campers 14 and older are over 20 years of age.

What is healthcare like at camp?/ What if my child gets sick?

We have doctors and medical assistants at the  campus available at handy areas

This is a Residential Program which would be conducted at the beautiful serene of Jain Farms,( and other adventures camp places.      

To know more about us please logon to : 

Please call us on :  08028521018 

If you  need any clarification

You can also talk to our Mentor Dr. Ruupa Rao for more details we would arrange a call for the  same.

And also we organizing one day camp Which is completely FREE to have GIST of what we do at our Summer camp. you can call us to register for the same  .

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