Checklists for Strengths

General Strengths

  1. Is able to work or play independently
  2. Is interested in doing well
  3. Understands and sets goals
  4. Wants to/is eager to learn new things
  5. Asks for help when needed
  6. Works well/gets along well in groups
  7. Works well/gets along well one-on-one
  8. Is able to organize items and thoughts
  9. Admits disappointments/mistakes and is able to move on
  10. Has passions and hobbies
  11. Can plan ahead
  12. Makes good choices
  13. Is curious and creative
  14. Problem-solves well

Social Strengths

  1. Shares, takes turns and negotiates
  2. Seeks out social interactions
  3. Asks for help and comfort when needed
  4. Is comforting and offers help when needed
  5. Accepts personal responsibility for actions (good and bad)
  6. Has a good sense of humor
  7. Doesn’t follow the crowd (resists peer pressure)
  8. Follows rules and routines well
  9. Accepts redirection well
  10. Is able to make friends and keep them
  11. Is truthful and honest
  12. Has positive relationships with adults
  13. Shows empathy and sensitivity to others
  14. Likes to help others
  15. Reacts appropriately when frustrated (such as not hitting)

Language Strengths

  1. Is able to express needs, wants and ideas verbally
  2. Uses inflection and expression when speaking
  3. Understands jokes, puns and riddles
  4. Can talk about events in the correct and logical order
  5. Understands the give-and-take of conversation
  6. Uses grammar appropriate to his age
  7. Has and uses a growing vocabulary
  8. Is interested in listening to stories, music and other activities
  9. Participates in discussions at home, at school and with friends
  10. Answers who, what, when, where questions in conversation (or about a story)

Literacy Strengths

  1. Enjoys reading
  2. Can match letters to sounds and sounds to letters
  3. Is able to sound out unfamiliar words
  4. Recognizes sight words
  5. Can follow written directions
  6. Recalls and retells stories and facts after reading
  7. Can make predictions based on what’s happened so far in the story
  8. Can pause when reading and return to that sentence after being interrupted
  9. Reads accurately and with expression
  10. Figures out what new words mean by looking at the context or asking questions
  11. Has creative and imaginative ideas; likes to tell stories
  12. Makes connections between reading material and personal experiences

Math Strengths

  1. Sees and understands patterns in nature and in numbers
  2. Remembers math facts and can perform mental math
  3. Thinks logically
  4. Understands math concepts and can apply them to the real world
  5. Uses and understands math vocabulary
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