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Busting 5 Body Language Myths

Body language is defined asthe conscious and unconscious movement and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated. These nonverbal signals play a huge role in our daily communcation. From the facial expressions to the movements of our body,
we send out a large number of messages from our bady within a day.

Take for example how much is conveyed with just a facial expression of an individual. A smile can signify happiness, while a frown can signify sadness. In some cases facial expressions may reveal the true feeling about a particular situation.

While it is vital to understand the body language, but it is also crucial to take the cues of context and analyse signals as a group rather than focusing on a single act. It is also important be aware of the dangers of body language myths that’s been arising in society.
This may lead to assumptions or misinterpretation of situations, which would lead to a distress in communication. Hence, here are 5 body language myths to keep an eye on, so as to not judge too quickly for better communication between you and another.

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