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About Ruupa Rao

About the Founder  DR. RUUPA RAO: 

While Searching for a Camp for her Daughter ,Dr Ruuprao Realised there is no such a camp that could offer Lifeskills, Dr Ruuparao who is also Psychologist with a special Diploma in Child Psychology realised that Life skills are the one which is truly important and Indian formal education no means providing it as a primary skill to the children
Dr. Ruuparao who is a trainer with special focus on experiential learning , began with her First summer camp which adds values to children camp through experiential training.
As she had anticipated there were very few parents who thought , Lifeskills are important , and got few enrollments.
Dr. Ruuparao, has also got Master certificates in NLP (nero linguistic programming) and hypnosis , used those techniques to make children realize the importance of lifeskills, and she could see those children adopting those lifeskills,
Slowely the number of parents who started gettting an awareness about the Life skill increased.
With her extensive experience in Education field since 2003 Dr. Ruuparao has been designing the Summer camp in such a way that includes Adventure, Fun, Entertainment and nature walk etc.. along with main essence of Life skills .

Here is a small introduction of Dr. Ruupa rao and her interests

Trainer, life coach, and counselor for teens and young generations ,passionate about helping young people in setting up their Goal, Study skills, coping up with Emotions, removing the Emotional blockages, making them to realize their true potentials. 

I am a passionate professional with over 20 years of challenging and progressive experience in Education, Training, and Administrative fields. Passionate in helping individuals live to their true potential and support individuals, business owners as well as corporate executives in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful.
President- Noble Institute of Education Society 
Director-NGEN Soft Solutions
Distance Education Management
Vocational education system management
Sourcing Management
Business Development
NGO Management


PhD in Computer Science. 
M.Tech in information Technology 
Master of Business Administration 
Master of Science in IT
MSc Psychology 
MA in Kannada
Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring
Awarded Honorary Doctorate from AUGP, UK
Awarded a best Lady entrepreneur by Global Excellence India
Awarded “Bharath Vibhooshan” by Global Achiever.
Portrayed in A feature film on my life story by Government of Karntataka for the achievements in Social services.
Conducted various Workshops on Memory, Study skills, Self-confidence, Goal setting, Hypnosis, Communications for More than 1000 audience
• Alumni of Karnataka State Open University
• Associate of Tata Institute of Social Science
• Member of Computer society of India
• Member of ALMA
• Member of DISSC 
• Member OF CSI
• Member of iNACOL 
• Initiated and Organized and Working on rural student’s empowerment called “Hombelaku” Free residential training program for Students across India.
• Organized an All over development program for youths for free Vikasana
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