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Summer Camp 2019

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Anuhya Summer camp is a right Life time gift to your Child, We are a Unique, and probably India’s first and one and only Summer camp that concentrate on molding children/Participant’s Life skill combined with study skill and filled with Fun and adventure’s, and courses are completely designed by experts, Trained, Teen and Life coach who hold a Master’s in Psychology and Special diploma in Child psychology. 

It all started way back in 2010 when Founder Dr Ruuparao was searching for a Camp. Let us read in her own words why she started Anuhya summer camp


 “Around 5 or 6 years back , I was looking for a summer camp for my daughter , I was searching for a camp which gives a different experience to her not a regular dance, music, swimming, or art and craft or not even a Tuition centre, I was looking for something which help her to develop the life skills, but not within the classroom, not just adventure but a theme or moral out of it, you wont believe I could not find any such things around me. That year I started to design some activities which she likes and enjoys and she gets the skill.


And  BOOM  that worked out

Next year I started offering the similar Summer camp content to my surrounding few kids and they loved it.

Then one fine day , I decided to offer it as a program to the public, and that is #Anuhya #Summercamp “

Anuhya Summer camp 2017
Anuhya Summer camp 2017

DR Ruupa Rao Sighs off with a smile of cheer.

There is a story behind the name Anuhya

 Meaning of Anuhya is a unique and one can’t just guess what could be.

Roopa her self was not really aware that Lifeskills could do so much when she started tremendous  changes in her daughter’s and other few children’s behaviour.

Hence she decided to keep the name Anuhya as all happened without being guesses about a such a positive impact

“That is Exactly that is how  we the team at Anuhya  , organise the camp for kids” she stresses


Unlike traditional summer camps where kids learn dance, karate, swimming, or any study specific, Anuhya summer camp has  designed the activities  in such way that participant will never know that they are in a journey of learning, but they enjoy the activities, all the activities are designed to bring a positive shift in children minds,

Dr Ruuparao is a master psychology  and a diploma in child psychology. She strongly believes any change if it has to occur it has to be from the subconscious level. Hence  She says The camp brings these changes by conducting activities by experiential learning.

Those experiential learning could be

An adventurous activity

Through a drama

Through a dance

Through music

Through a  game

Through advanced techniques

Anuhya summer camp  concentrate major personal development/Life skills topics such as

Leadership qualities

Team playing

Positive attitude


Social immunity

Facing the situation



Managing stress


Focus and concentration

Motivating towards life goal

Goal setting and achieving it

Speaking in front of a group


At the summer camp they  also  make them be thorough in

Study techniques

Memory enhancement

Managing exam stress

Managing studies and hobbies

Relaxation and meditation techniques


And most significant thing  about this is the kids will be in an assumption that they have come here for  a vacation

We are organising this camp since 8 years, every year we come up with fresh contents,/activities and  these camps are conducted at serene  and beautiful Environment of Jain resorts with fun for kids such as




 qigong exercises

Bullock cart ride,

Star Gazing

Pottery maker,

 tractor ride* depending on availability,

 magic show,

Guess the prize, tambola / housie (jackpot rs 10,000/- if you are lucky),

Splash pool, indoor & outdoor games,

Camp fire and rain dance/star gazing/ gardening


From 2019 onwards Anuhya summer camp has introduced Spine tingling Adventurous activities

Such as

Rock climbing




Horse riding Etc..

This time  as an add on we have added

Photography and Gardening as an add on.

We are really excited as we have been seeing children discover the power within them and expressing with utmost joy and freedom after the program as always, we use Various Leadership Qualities, Positive Attitude, Empathizing/sympathizing, communication, Focus and concentration. It is amazing to see how children easily and powerfully learn and use these skills in their life at school and at home. 

The program is aimed at enabling children to build high self-esteem and confidence, to develop their thinking skills, to communicate effectively and express freely, to manage their emotions better, to create empowering beliefs and values, to build better relationships and to enable them to move ahead powerfully towards their goals.


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